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Dispatches from the Temple Gates

The Deep Space Nine Drabble Challenge

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All Members , Moderated
Inspired by thefiringline and farscapefriday, Dispatches from the Temple Gates is a Deep Space Nine Drabble Challenge community.

This community is maintained by hobsonphile and nostalgia_lj.

Note: I am looking for a clever sort to create the community icon. Again, contributors should contact me at the above address.

Challenges will begin January 1, 2004.

The Rules:

1. Challenges will be posted bi-weekly (because hobsonphile is busy enough as it is as a member of thefiringline and theatrical_muse *g*). Challenge topics will be decided by the mods, though we are certainly open to suggestions from the gallery. *g*

2. All genres and ratings accepted. Gen, het, slash, goo sex- whatever suits your fancy.

3. Given rule number two, we ask that you put your entries behind cut tags to avoid squickage and allow for easy skimming.

4. Please use the following heading format:

Pairing(s): (if applicable) OR Character(s):

5. This community is for posting fics of 100-1000 words. If you go over 1000 words, please post a link to the community instead.

And don't forget to visit ds9agogo while you're at it!