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More Kira fic: Second Coming

Title: Second Coming

Author: Selena

Word Count: 245

Timeline: Post-show. Spoilers specifically for season 7.

Disclaimer: All owned by Paramount.

Author's note: Originally written as a drabble for muffinmonster. Title courtesy of Yeats.

She never talked to any of the other guests. That was how Kira first noticed her. Hosting receptions was one of the more wearying and less rewarding tasks she had inherited from Sisko as the station commander. In the old days, she could have ignored the dark human woman who kept watching her, or she could have asked the stranger what she thought she was doing. These days, Kira felt obliged to saunter over and ask politely whether there was something she could do.

"Yes," the woman said, in a low, pleasing voice that grew edgier with each word.

"You can help me destroy the ones who raped me and used me as their plaything. The ones whom I had pretend to die for to escape. The ones who drove my son insane and nearly got my grandson killed in their battles for power."

"The Dominion has withdrawn from the Alpha Quadrant," Kira said, empathizing with the woman's rage but forcing herself to be what she had learned to be. "And the Cardassians are worse off than you could ever make them right now."

The woman stared at her. "I'm not talking of the Dominion or the Cardassians," she said. "I came to you because they did something similar to you once as well."

"Who are you?" Kira asked, suddenly having a bad feeling about all of this.

"My name is Sarah," the woman replied. "And I need you to help me destroy the Prophets."
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... that is fucking fantastic. Go Sarah go! This should be longer-- I want to know what Kira says.
It might end up being longer - see my latest lj entry...
Holy sweet shit! This tale just blew my f*&^ing mind. i'm speachless and incredibly envious that you came up with this kick ass idea and not me! =)

The ending is just amazing I only wish it was longer! Damn that just opened a whole new can of worms.
Thank you. And you know, I just might use that idea for a long story. Though that will take me a while - there is no way I could write a long story this autumn...
Hell, yes!

Kira's going to have no sympathy, though, since she let the Prophets abuse her willingly and forgave them for it without thinking about it. But Sarah has every right to be furious, especially if the Prophets haven't bothered to talk to her since.
One of these days I'll write the grand Sarah on the revenge path story, because if ever there was a character not described as evil by canon who could challenge the Prophets for what they did, it's her. (The fact that she left Joseph and the kid immediately after birth and recovering from same, plus that Joseph said she suddenly seemed to be a stranger, makes it pretty clear that she in no way had given her consent to the Prophet using her body, which makes it rape. Kira did consent, which puts her into a Lyta and Kosh I position.) Unfortunately, I'll have to work out the logistics first, including why she faked her death (as we're told she died some years ago by Joseph in Shadows and Symbols) and never attempted to contact Ben.
I totally agree about Sarah being raped. Her not wanting to see her son ever again makes pretty clear what the experience was like for her.

As for why she faked her death - maybe it was so that her son wouldn't find her. Especially if she knew he had something to do with the beings who raped her. (*shiver*) This is all starting to sound like it's going to need an NC-17 rating for themes alone.
Wow. Again, amazing. You really gave a good voice to Sarah.
Thank you!