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Renewal? Rebirth? Resurection?

Authors note: I'm not sure if this tale really fits in here, its an older fic that I did sometime ago about Kira for natoth_muse who gave me the idea in the first place. But if I was to put it into a challenge this one would best describe the events that occur. This is part 4 of the Five part tale.

Just a warning this does deal with issues concerning the effects of terrorism and oppression of freedom.

Disclaimer:These characters are obviously property of Paramount and such related peoples. I'm just borrowing them briefly to get this ugly troll of a story out of my head.

This tale is rated R for scenes of graphic violence and may not be considered suitable for all readers.


"Time melts away in this living inferno,
Trapped by a cause that I once understood.
Feeling a sickness building inside of me,
Who will I really have to answer to?"
Behind the crooked Cross - Slayer

Moving through the ruins of the old Ore factory Kira is careful to remain in the shadows. Though cloudy it's not hard to make out the moon's forms, which shine through like silvery orbs. The deathly silence seems to add to the dark nostalgia of this place as she stares ahead at the half burnt monument to the past. She knows her contact should be here by now and the fact there is no one here causes her to be concerned. As she slowly makes her way to the meeting point she can't help but feel as though something is terribly wrong.

The sound of rustling leaves causes her eyes to snap up sharply as she instinctively stares ahead poised to attack. But at the sight of dead leaves skittering across the empty street she sighs disappointed watching quietly as the wind tosses them about without any real purpose save to distract her. Snapping out of the quiet daze she strains to pick up any other signs of possible danger all the while keeping an eye for her contact to her arrive.

However the threat reveals itself swiftly as a strange gleam catches her attention. As quick as her sharp eyes catch the light it disappears as though it was nothing at all. But it is all that Kira needs as she instinctively aims her phaser and fires. The shot slams hard against one of the half melted supports causing series of sparks to fly.

Moving quickly she finds a new position to take cover her battle instincts in full charge as she looks around sharply. The ruse must have fell through she thinks as she pick ups the sound of a blade being removed from its sheath. Dodging quickly she barely missing the swords edge it swings mere inches from her throat. She tries to fire another shot at the shadowy form as it melts into the shadows but only sparks explode as another metal support is struck.

Running forward Kira decides to take shelter in the Factory's destroyed form, as laughter seems to echo all around her. She feels a strange sense of calm wash over her as she rushes forward as though suddenly at ease with the situation at hand. After all this was familiar territory and she was one of the Shakaar's finest fighters. Then again so was the one who now sought her blood.

Anja moves deftly through the shadows unsheathing her swords as she does so. Uncommon as it was for a Bajoran to carry such a blade she found that it suited her purpose well. The Khon Ma adopted this melee as a means of ritual designed for those who hunted traitors or Collaborators. It takes little time for her move to attack and to her joy she quickly learns that her longtime friend and mentor still had the edge.
Jumping back to the shadows once more she laughs aloud watching as Nerys runs towards the old ruins of the Ore factory. So the game continues she thinks to herself bitterly. Like a predator playing with its prey she watches her slip away through the ruins before moving, careful that her steps make no noise. Climbing up onto a large piece of a broken down wall she peers down below hoping to catch a glimpse of her former mentor. Silently she scales the wall's edge moving through the "rooms" or lack of before picking up Kira's silhouette crouched hidden behind an old turned over barrel in the former engineering room.

"Did you really think I would be so foolish as to fall for your silly little ruse?"

She murmurs to herself with a sly grin as she arches her back and does a forward flip landing onto the ground near to Nerys with a soft thud.

As soon as she hears the soft thud Kira fires another shot her battle instincts in full charge as this time she catches Anja hard in the wrist causing one of her swords to fly out of her hand. Cursing softly the black-haired Bajoran goes to grab the weapon now just out of her reach and is greeted by another shot. This time she is prepared and barely dodging the laser she rolls out of the way.

Kira quickly grabs the sword before Anja has a chance to collect it and aims it at her. Quickly rising to her feet once more Kira's attacker rushes towards her but she swiftly dodges her. Though her experience with sword fighting is non existent she knows how to handle herself in battle and blocks a sudden striking blow with the stolen blade. Sparks fly as she catches a glimpse of her potential killer through the moonlight that reflects off the blade.

Staring at her briefly her mind registers the hatred that flashes in the girl's eyes. Whatever happened to the Anja she once knew she doesn't know, but the one who stares back at her can't possibly be the same girl. Now is not the time for such thoughts she thinks darkly as she slips her leg around the girl's ankle jerking back as she hopes to make her lose balance. It doesn't work as well as Kira plans but it is enough for her to step back to get out of the blades range.

Anja loses her footing and steps back realizing promptly that Kira is no longer in her grasp. Unfazed she steps back further and blends into the shadows giving the impression that she has disappeared completely.

"What do you hope to accomplish by this Rahl Anja?"

Nerys states using the girl's full name hoping to draw her out through her greatest weakness; her pride. The shadowy form's voice echoes in return alerting Kira that she is now behind her.

"I could ask you the same. Whatever happened to the fighter I once knew, the one who'd rather die then let those reptiles live. Have you so soon forgotten who you are? Or are you too Federation to remember that your Bajoran." She spits out venomously.

"Now look at you! Actually coming to their aid? Don't you see they deserve this Nerys? How long have we dreamed of this day? When their planet is ravaged and raped just as ours was by their hands? When their blood flowed through their rivers as ours once did?"

Kira clenches her fist around the blade feeling the cool metal of its base burning her hot fingers. Her free hand flickers to her comm link but she hesitates. No need to get anyone else involved in this, after all Anja was sure to have her allies nearby.

"That's enough!"

She steps back as she notices Anja emerging from the shadows her eyes not wavering as she glares to her enemy. Her assailant quickly closes the space between them as she hisses in fury.

"You're a traitor. You've become the very thing you sought to destroy!"

For a moment Kira is speechless as the words hit her hard. In anger she curses herself forever trusting this fanatic. But part of her can't help but fear that she maybe right. Perhaps she had become too soft under the Federation's care. Swiftly pushing the thought from her mind she focuses on the moment remembering the warning of old as she decides to distract her former protégé. Never underestimate your enemy she thinks darkly, while swinging her dagger at the black-haired fighter who quickly dodges it.

"We can't keep going on like this Anja. The cycle has to end."

"Let it end with their destruction!"

Kira's eyes sharpen to her attackers words as she continues, lowering her phaser slowly attempting to resort to a more peaceful ending.

"By letting them be destroyed we become no different then they are Anja."

The reaction is volatile as Kira suddenly finds Anja's blade dangerously close to her throat.

"How can you say that? Did they seduce you with promises of lies and sweet talk? You know they are serpents Nerys. Filth that deserve to pay for their crimes. You trained me to fight like a warrior not to become weakened by their false kindness. Never to grow soft when they begged for mercy."

Nerys says nothing her mind working quickly to calculate the right opportunity to strike. In front of her Anja's amber eyes grow sad as she studies her former mentor.

"I don't even know you anymore..."

Before she has a chance to speak anymore Kira fires off her phaser sending her would be assailant flying back against one of the melted posts. Attempting to catch her breath Kira finds herself staring at the limp form watching as a large searing wound appears in the center of her chest.

"I'm sorry but things are no longer as simple as that."

She whispers before moving to the body as she checks for a pulse. Though faint it is still evident that she will survive this night should proper care be given. It takes little time for her to find Anja's commlink and she quickly activates the transporter device. As she turns to walk away a barely audible whisper seems to catch her attention causing her to freeze dead in her tracks.

"There are no heroes amongst your kind. Only cowards and the dead."

Instinctively Kira looks over her shoulder unsure if the soft whisper was real or her imagination. A faint sheen of moonlight dancing on metal can be seen before a sudden searing pain in her neck causes her to gasp sharply. Stumbling back in shock she gasps desperately for air while struggling to remove the dagger now firmly embedded into her neck. Ahead of her Anja's form shimmers and disappears as she is transported back to her ship leaving Kira alone in the ruins once more. The ground begins to spin violently as she becomes light headed from the loss of blood. As though in a dream she feels her fingers lightly hitting the comm link.

"...Ready.... for...transport..."

She barely manages to rasp out before finally succumbing to the darkness as in the back of her mind she hears someone say "Affirmative" in Cardassi.
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