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Renewal? Rebirth? Resurection?

Authors note: I'm not sure if this tale really fits in here, its an older fic that I did sometime ago about Kira for natoth_muse who gave me the idea in the first place. But if I was to put it into a challenge this one would best describe the events that occur. This is part 5 of the Five part tale.

Just a warning this does deal with issues concerning the effects of terrorism and oppression of freedom.

Disclaimer:These characters are obviously property of Paramount and such related peoples. I'm just borrowing them briefly to get this ugly troll of a story out of my head.

This has been rated PG-13 and may not be suitable for all readers.

To New Beginnings

"...Your honest feelings,
Can't stop my bleeding..."
Bleeding - Callenish Circle

The screaming pain in her throat causes her to wake up violently. Gasping desperately for air, she soon discovers that is isn't necessary. A small device placed over her mouth offers her easy access to an Oxygen rich supply. Quickly taking in her surroundings her sharp eyes notice the dim lighting and the angular shaped symbols along the different pieces of machinery. The high humidity and warmth seems to answer the nagging doubts and disorientation in her mind. Lost to the dreams of the past she attempts to move off the bed desperate to make an escape anything to get her back to her "cell".

Sliding off the make shift bed Kira soon finds herself struggling to remain conscious as the room spins violently around her. Lost in the dark memories of the past she frantically removes the breathing apparatus from her lips letting it drop to the floor with a clatter.
Grabbing at her throat she bites her lip inwardly cursing at the sweltering pain. Stumbling forward she ploughs into a nearby table containing medical equipment. The loud crash causes her to jump back instinctively as she clambers to grab a scalpel looking device nearby. The sound draws attention to her location and soon a female Cardassian rushes into the makeshift infirmary to see what the cause of the commotion is. Taking in the sight of the wild eyed Bajoran before her she says nothing for a moment obviously assessing the situation at hand.

"Colonel this will only worsens your wounds. Now please put down the scalpel it will do no good to have you harm yourself like this."

She states calmly hoping to talk down the agitated Colonel who rushes forward holding the blade tightly in her hand, ready to strike without warning. The Cardassian female sensing attack steps back moving to grab a stun gun to sedate her patient. However the Bajoran woman moves too swiftly her years of training as a resistance fighter still fresh in her mind. With a flick of her wrist and a force of muscle she moves to slam the blade into the woman's throat.

Quick thinking and reflex action on the doctor's part spares her a rather nasty ending as she catches Kira's wrist just in time. The reptilian woman soon grabs the small device from her hip about to stun the Bajoran, but is unable to do so as Nerys slams her fist into the woman's neck. The grip on her wrist loosens and without a second thought Kira shoves the scalpel deep into the doctor's throat. The woman tries to call for help but is unable to scream as only yellow blood spurts out of her lips as she staggers back in shock. The world begins to spin violently as Kira almost trips over the Cardassian woman who stumbles to activate a comm link to get help.

Moving out of the room the Bajoran fighter finds herself in unfamiliar territory. Staring around the cavern walls she frowns deeply trying to ignore the overwhelming pain that almost causes her to black out. Struggling for air she leans heavily against the wall.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she vaguely registers the fact that more Cardassians are closing in. She shrinks back in full fight or flight mentality. She gazes at the moving forms approaching and moves to attack the nearest one as she growls a curse in her native tongue.

In her clouded Oxygen depraved mind she sees the blurred form moving to grab her by the shoulder. She tries to dodge out of his way but finds herself backed against a wall. It speaks and but the males voice sounds so distant that Kira caught off guard can only stare absently as the snake like man as she desperately tries to gulp down air which is becoming increasingly more difficult. Part of her knows that this voice is not a threat; but the face in front of her says otherwise. He is Cardassian and she must escape.

"Colonel what are you doing? Where is your Oxygen mask?"

The voice grows gradually fainter as she can see through her peripheral vision blurred shadowy figures move unnatural fast past her and the reptilian form in front of her. Her head throbs along with her neck and it becomes harder for her to register the words being spoken to her in accented Bajoran. Finally unable to control herself any further she slips into unconsciousness once more as two words escape from her lips.

"Wake up, you filthy murderer!"

The sleeping Legate wakes up with a start his mind quickly alerting him to the threat. His eyes widen slightly at the sight of Kira with a phaser pointed to his head.

"What the hell?"

He states as she glares at him her dark eyes flashing wildly.

"I know what you did you bastard. You didn't think I wouldn't find out?"

Her remarks catch his attention as he sits up from his bunk suddenly forcing her to step back.

"You want to explain the meaning of this?"

He growls in response to which she retorts sharply.

"Play innocent why don't you? I saw the weapons Damar and I know damn well where you got them. You killed her didn't you? You couldn't get what you wanted so you just took it by force."

Damar frowns quickly accessing the situation realizing that she must have woken up from the infirmary went looking for Odo and found the storage. Naturally she put two and two together and came up with this.

"Colonel you're jumping to conclusions again. Now put away the phaser before you do something stupid."

Her eyes narrow as he thumb runs over the switch powering up the weapon. Damar doesn't think twice as he grabs her wrist quickly moving to remove the gun from her hand. For a moment neither move nor say another word as both stare at each other with determination.

"Lower you weapon Colonel."

The Cardassian states in dangerously low tones but Kira only curls her lip while struggling to break free of his grasp.

"I should have never trusted you not to interfere. You're all the same."

Barely containing his temperament Damar retorts sharply finally prying the active phaser from her hands.

"I grow tired of you playing "Judge and Jury" Colonel. You say that my people are without justice and yet you are no different. Would it really change your mind to know what we did nothing to your "friend's" ship? That we only alerted your government of their location?"

Turning off the phaser he places it on a nearby storage container. Kira doesn't respond but her expression gives away her disbelief and so he continues.

"The Bajoran government has been hunting your ally for sometime from what I've learnt. It would seem that your contact is in alliance with the Khon Ma. Then again I'm sure you already know this. So when your meeting with her fell through Garak used his contacts to alert the Bajoran military of their coordinates."


She spits out in response. This finally sets him off as he shouts back.

"Why would we go to all this trouble of getting the Federation and Bajor's help only to turn on them? Do we really look like we can afford any more enemies Commander? Your government for helping them capture one of the Khon'Ma's main fighter ships has given the weapons to us. No one was killed and if someone had died we weren't responsible for it. It was your "friends" who tried to invoke an attack on our ships then tried to self destruct when the Bajoran military boarded them, not us."

Her eyes waver slightly to his words as she instinctively places a hand to the now scabbing scar on her throat. It is well on its way to healing, but the meaning behind will never leave her.

Part of her knows he has no reason to lie to her. But still she tries to cling to the beliefs of the past. It is a failing battle and she knows it, but the thought of completely letting go of the past is both disturbing and frightening.

"They're going to remove the scar for you once it's healed."

Damar states quietly noting her distraction. Kira shakes her head sighing deeply feeling suddenly exhausted.

"No. I don't think that will be necessary."

The Legate doesn't respond only casting her a curious look.

"It is their tradition for traitors to die by the blade."

Kira remarks softly as she looks to the entrance wishing somehow she could escape everything by just walking through it.

"If anyone is a traitor Colonel it isn't you."

She looks up to Damar noting the seriousness expression on his face. Though he tries in his own way to comfort her it seems to only worsen her doubts. No longer able to resist the urge to run she turns and quickly leaves.

Staring at the screen Kira frowns deeply unable and unwilling to accept what she is seeing. She doesn't know what's more maddening, the fact that Anja and her crew were willing to kill an entire crew of Bajorans to prove a point, or the fact that Damar actually told the truth.

Her neck still throbs even though it is almost healed leaving her to wonder if the pain is real or in her mind. Replaying the message a second time she watches as the familiar face of an old comrade appears on the monitor.

"As you have requested I got you a copy of the security logs and the botcam recordings. I hate to admit it Nerys but the Spoonhead was telling the truth. The military had managed to shut down the self-destruct sequence before the ship took them out along with her crew. In the end the terrorists were all arrested without any Cardassian interference save for the coordinates given to the terrorists location.

As for Rahl Anja she is in critical condition but still alive. The confiscated weapons apparently were given to the Cardassian resistance for their "aid" in capturing the fighter ship. If you need anything else you know where to find me."

The screen suddenly clears as the computer responds in its neutral tones.

Downloading secure program files.

Once downloaded it plays the events revealing once more the truth she could no longer hide from. As Damar had said they did try to provoke the Cardassian's Galor into a shooting match but the bait wasn't taken.

Tuning out the rest of the message Kira tries to tell herself that somehow the Cardassian's are still responsible. But deep down she knows the truth and she finds herself now forced to face the fact that things will never be the same.

As a young fighter she remembers hearing a proverb spoken once. Staring ahead she can almost hear the older man's voice echoing in her thoughts as he said them so many years ago.

Time is always changing and the key to survival doesn't lie in strength alone but in the ability to adapt and change to the situation. Your personal priorities should never change even if the face of your enemy does.

She can't help but wonder how Anja took these words. After all she heard the old man on that day as well. But somehow through the years it's meaning was lost to her leaving behind only a twisted version of what it was meant to be. Though they once shared the same duties to Bajor she knew now that in the end she would be the one who survived.
Whether she liked it or not the path of Bajor was linked with Cardassia's if only for a time. She could either accept it ensuring her people's safety or she could continue to fight the self-destructive battle against a past that could never be redeemed: only forgiven.

Though there is no real easy answer she knew what she had to do. Rising to her feet once more she turns off the transmission ands leaves her 'quarters' quietly, preparing herself to train her former enemies the art of freedom fighting.
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