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Rebirth? Renewal? Resurrection?

Authors note: I'm not sure if this tale really fits in here, its an older fic that I did sometime ago about Kira for natoth_muse who gave me the idea in the first place. But if I was to put it into a challenge this one would best describe the events that occur. This is part 2 of the Five part tale.

Just a warning this does deal with issues concerning the effects of terrorism and oppression of freedom.

Disclaimer:These characters are obviously property of Paramount and such related peoples. I'm just borrowing them briefly to get this ugly troll of a story out of my head.

This particular part in the tale may be considered PG13.

Title:Shifting of Priorities

"You have asked forgiveness
You have asked respect
Only something that you did forget...
Years of pain I will take and hone
Manifest with your broken bones
My heart bleeds for none but my own,
My own..."
None but my own - Machine Head

Frowning deeply Damar uses all his control to keep his temper in check. This conversation was trying right from the beginning but now he had about enough.
We don't have a choice; you have these connections we don't.
He states in blunt tones as Colonel Kira glares at him her expression betraying her thoughts.

"You can't be serious! What about Garak? We both know he has contacts, surely they can find a way around this."

Moving away from her the tall Cardassian shakes his head slightly before retorting sharply.

"You don't think I haven't already tried? His contacts are dead or too deep in Dominion territory to reach. You wish to aid us you will have to do this our way."

Her eyes flash angrily at his remarks as she rushes forward at him.

"Damar this is your war not mine remember? Your "hero" Gul Dukat signed the alliance with Dominion not me. I'm only here on orders of Federation. Lets not forget who is training whom on how to fight in a resistance."

The man clenches his fists, his dark blue eyes stormy with fury. His temper was renowned as was his merciless nature, so it came as a surprise to Kira when he didn't move to strike.

"I'm quite aware of the situation Colonel." He states through gritted teeth before going silent as he tries to calm himself down. After a few moments he swallows his pride and remarks quietly.

"We need to purchase our weapons back. That is the real reason I've asked for your assistance."

"Now the truth comes out." She states dryly; ignoring her remarks he continues.

"I know for a fact, you have connections from your days with the resistance. I also know they have access to many of our old guns and artillery from the days of occupation. That they've modified to appear outdated but is in fact more rugged then the weapons we have now."

She folds her arms trying to ignore the terrible heat of the Cardassian headquarters as beads of sweat form on her brow. Damar stares at her his eyes unwavering as he waits for her response. His expression is dark and certainly threatening. Out of instinct she mentally calculates the situation telling herself that in a bind she could get past him. But she had to also take into consideration his small group of well-trained soldiers. Balancing out the odds she decides to turn the question on him.

"Seeing as you know so much about my contacts, why don't you talk to them?"

She states with a wicked smirk. The Cardassian's patience finally snaps as he gives into his temper. In one fluid movement he sends a nearby canister flying causing it to slam against the wall with a loud clatter.

"This isn't a joke!" He growls.

"It's bad enough that we need your help, that we aren't strong enough to get rid of them ourselves. I know you hate this as much as I do, but I have no choice. We both know we're going to need heavy firepower to pull this off and we both know where to get it!"

He stops abruptly glancing away as he continues quietly.

"Even in light of everything, there are few who have faith in me. There are even less who are willing to risk their lives to join this cause. Unfortunately many still believe this is a ruse of the Dominion. If I am to gain their trust I need a strong decisive victory and for that I do need proper weapons."

Turning his attentions to the stunned Bajoran he says nothing further. Unsure whether to trust him either her eyes narrow as she studies him. Silently she determines the moral and practical consequences to the situation if she agreed.

No matter how much she didn't want to admit it he was right. They really didn't have any supplies, at least for this type of operation. But what could she expect? They were soldiers, not renegades. What was disturbing was not so much the fact that in time they would learn but that she would be the one to teach them.

"Colonel, if you must think on this I suggest you do it quickly, we are running out of time."
He states suddenly causing her to snap out of her thoughts.

Time is ever changing Nerys; to survive you must be able to bend like grass in the wind and be as firm as metal.

A chill runs down her spine as in the back of her mind she could almost hear the voice of her father. Part of her knows she should do the right thing and help but another can't help but doubt. How much more would she have to bend before she finally breaks? Till their orders demanded that she turn her back on her own people? When and where would she draw the line in the name of loyalty? Taking a deep breath she feels as if she is staring down at the edge of a cliff. A moment of hesitance and then she makes her decision and "plunges".

"That won't be necessary. I'll do it."

She says finally in a soft whisper as she desperately clings onto the hope that he never heard her weak response. But the soft whisper catches the Legate's attention right away and pausing in mid step he turns to face her briefly.


He says before leaving not bothering to wait for a response that isn't about to come. Feeling as though she had just been defeated the Bajoran soldier tries to ignore the rush of shame she feels. Focusing instead on the sound of his footsteps she listens, as they grow quieter marking his exit through the narrow tunnels.

Once he is out of earshot she turns her back to the entrance and picks up the tossed canister now dented from where he punched it and moves to the small communications device. Activating the monitor she begins an encoded message.

Her fingers feel like lead as she forces them to type the words she needs to send her former comrade. Every fiber in her body doesn't want to do this but she knows it must be done. I'm under Federation jurisdiction she repeatedly tells herself I'm only following orders nothing more. Yet she remains unconvinced. If this is the right thing to do then why did it feel as though she had become the one thing she despised; a collaborator?
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