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Rebirth?, Renewal?, Resurrection?

Authors note: I'm not sure if this tale really fits in here, its an older fic that I did sometime ago about Kira for natoth_muse who gave me the idea in the first place. But if I was to put it into a challenge this one would best describe the events that occur. It is a five part tale, but for now I'm going to post part one up just to see how it goes.

Just a warning this does deal with issues concerning the effects of terrorism and oppression of freedom.

Disclaimer:These characters are obviously property of Paramount and such related peoples. I'm just borrowing them briefly to get this ugly troll of a story out of my head.

I've rated this tale R because of the violence represented in this scene and would not be considered suitable younger readers.

Title:Where Does Loyalty Lie?

"Should have taken warning
It's just, people mourning, running, hiding, lost.
You can't find, find a place to hide,
So its red skies at night..."

Red Skies - Fixx

The wind blows violently and whips through the trees causing them to shake as icicles and snow get swept up in this grasp; the beginnings of another snow storm. In the midst of the blinding whiteness a lanky form stands with a phaser rifle in hand, towering over a shivering Cardassian. Beside her another watches with dagger in hand her sharp eyes missing nothing.

Upon closer examination one can make out the blue and purplish bruises that decorate the humanoid's soft-scaled skin. While the caked blood now frozen by the wind reveals the more savage attacks he has experienced in the past 48hrs. Gasping desperately for air his lungs struggle to function properly, as his temperature drops well below the comfort zone of his race. His skin once a soft grey color now begins to resemble Onyx, another reaction to the cold.

Both females remain silent as they stand over the form staring at him as though unsure what do next. Stepping slightly closer the observer nears the one holding the rifle; her booted feet make a soft crunching sound in the snow that is barely audible over by the winds howls. Stopping she glances to the girl and waits for her to act, but receives no response as the gunner continues to stare intently at her victim.

Sensing her friend's eyes on her she glances over doubt evident in her green eyes. She knows he deserves this, for they all do, but can she really go through with it? He was the last survivor of their latest attack; her initiation into the Shakaar resistance cell; a worker of some sort in the Ore processing plant that they destroyed. The plan was ingenious by causing the main reactor to over heat they ensured the destruction of the building and all of her inhabitants. There would be no witness to their actions for all would be presumed dead. But then this one just had to find a way to make it out he had to be killed or all would be lost it was simple as that. Now that he is here freezing to death in the snow completely helpless and at her mercy, she can't help but question her actions.

"You must do it. It's either them or us."

The voice of her friend snaps her back to reality as her fingers wrap around the heavy phaser's trigger but still she does nothing. Her eyes waver slightly as she stares at her comrade whose expression bears a look of both concern and understanding.


"Anja you have to do it. You asked to join us and we agreed. Are you having second thoughts?"

Nerys says quietly unable to hide the tinge of compassion that comes through her voice. She is far too young to be involved in this she thinks to herself in the fact was most of them are. But the majority of the older members were either captured and killed or had gone 'missing in action' which was really no different.

The Cardassians had been clamping down on security as of late due to the recent attacks from the resistance and it was beginning to have its effects, causing them to become more desperate by the day. It was this desperation that permitted members such as Anja and herself to join. Both girls had barely entered puberty when they joined the underground but Nerys having joined a year earlier was more experienced. It was because of this factor she was asked to join the young Bajoran girl on her initiation into the resistance. Though the attack was a resounding success the test in reality had only begun. If she is to survive she would have to learn to be strong and in moments like this, without mercy.

"Please I beg you...I haven't done anything...please I can get you to a safe place...Don't let me die like this..."

The man begins to speak in Cardassi sensing the girl's hesitance. His teeth chatter in the cold as he begs for forgiveness, offering to free them, anything to spare his life hoping desperately his pleas will not fall on deaf ears.

Not understanding his words Anja looks frantically to her comrade who shakes her head slightly. This must be done if she is to make it Nerys thinks to herself. She must not forget that they are just as merciless to her own people. It isn't an easy lesson, but it is a necessary one.

Watching Anja close her eyes and take a deep breath, she can't help but feel sympathy for her. She knew that she was trying to block out her doubts, drown out the ramblings of dying Cardassian at her feet. Trying to convince herself that she is doing the right thing, that if she let him go that he'll report to others about who is responsible for the explosion. That by killing him she would be sparing Bajoran lives. Nerys knew this because only a year ago she was in the same position.

Stirring from her thoughts she watches the phaser rifle power up, time seems to move to a crawl. A short spurt of energy explodes from the weapon and slams into the mans head. A scream is heard but is soon lost; carried away with the wind. Whether it is the girls or her victims she can't tell, nor does she really want to.

She never questioned her actions on that day, but then no one ever did. After all they were the oppressed and the Cardassians were the oppressors. It was a simple as black and white, if blood was spilled it was to maintain this order, to keep it balanced. So that their masters/victims cries of pain and fury would drown out their own tears of mourning.
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